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Inventory List Provided to the Town Council

An Inventory of all and Singular the Goods and Chattles, Rights and Credits of
Jeremiah Westcot Junr who Departed this Life on the
23d day of February A.D. 1757

His Wearing Apparell 70.0
One feather Bed and Furniture 70.0
Cooper tools 12.0
A Lon Case of Draws 16.0
2 Small Trunks 3.0
Fire Shovel, Tongs and Irons 12.0
A pair of Bellows 2.0
Pewter Ware 20.0
2 Cups 4.0
China, Eathen and Glass Ware 40.0
3 Tables and 6 Chairs 26.0
2 Iron Pots and one Kittle, Frying pan 6.0
1 Trammel, Skimmer and Slask fork 3.1
Some Barrels, Tubs and other Lumber 6.0
One Warming pan, Box Iron, Heaters & Grid Iron 10.0
Glass Bottles and Stone Ware 6.0
One Case of 15 Bottles 6.0
One Gun (L20) 3 Table Cloths 22.1
Total 335.0

Apprized in Providence June 4th 1757 by us G. Brown and Joseph Shelldon

At a Town Council held at Providence on the 4th day of June 1757 the above Inventory was accepted and allowed,
Nicho. Tillinghast Clerk

Record June ye 20, 1757 Nicho. Tillinghast Clerk

Whereas Jeremiah Westcot of Providence in the Colony of Rhode Island, who Departed this Life, on the 23d day of February 1757, died Intestate, and left a Personal Estate, which by a Law of this Colony fell to the Care of the Town Council of said Providence, and Whereas, Mrs. Mary Westcot, widow of the said Deceased Jeremiah Westcot, hath given Bond with Sufficient Surities for her faithful Administration on Said Intestate's Estate according to law.

These are therefore to order and fully Improven you the said Mary Westcot to take into your Possession Care and Custody all and Singular the Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits which belonged to your deceased Husband the Said Jeremiah Westcot, at the Time of his Death, and on the same fully to minister according to Law, and render a Just and True account of your Said Administration to the Town Council aforesaid, or to their Successors in Said office, on or before the fourth day of June next Ensuing this Date.

Given at a Town Council held at Providence on the fourth day of June in the 30th year of His Majesty's Reign, George the Second, King of Great Britain ye Anno Domini 1757

Signed and Sealed by Order & in Behalf of the Council
Nicho. Tillinghast Clerk

Recorded June 20th, 1757 Nicho. Tillinghast Clerk


1. Money is recored in the english money system, pounds, shilling, pence etc.
2. Grant Brown sent a copy of this will, taken from LDS film 915008, Providence, RI Wills, Book 5, pp. 167-168.