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Created: July 15, 1999

It may be of interest to note the various spellings of the surname in old colonial records.

Those highlighted in brown are the most commonly found.

Waisent,    Waiscoat,    Waiscot,    Waiscote,    Waistcoat,    Waistcot,    Waistcote

Waistcott,    Wascot,    Wascoat,    Wascoatt,    Wascot,    Wascote,    Wascott

Wasgatt,    Wasgot,    Wasgott,    Wastcoat,    Wastcoatt,    Wastcot,    Wastcote

Wastcott,    Wastgatt,    Wastgot,    Wastgott,    Warscutt

Weascoate,    Weascott,    Wescat,    Wescate,    Wescatt,    Wescoat,    Wescoate

Wescoatt,    Wescoats,    Wescoatt,    Wescoot,    Wescot,    Wescote,    Wescots

Wescott,    Wescotte,    Wescut,    Wescutt,    Wesgate,    Wesgatt,    Weskit

Weskitt,    Weskot,    Weskott,    Wesscoat,    Wescutt

Weastcoate,    Weastcott,    Westacott,    Westcall,    Westcat,    Westcate

Westcatt,    Westcoat,    Westcoate,    Westcoatt,    Westcok,    Westcot

Westcote,    Westcots,    Westcott,    Westcut,    Westcutt,    Westercott

Westicott,    Westgate,    Westgatt,    Westkot,    Westkott,    Westmacott

Whesket,    Wheskett,    Wheskit,    Wheskitt

Wiscoat,    Wiscot,    Wiscote,    Wiscott,    Wisget

Wistcote,    Wistcot,    Wistcott