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Revised: July 15, 1999

        Historians agree that Richard and William Westcott, who are first learned of at Salem in the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1636, were brothers of Stukely Westcott. Laura LaMance, author of "The Greene Tree," places them in England at Great Torrington, just off Barnstaple Bay and not far from the field of Wescote. She states that "Great Torrington was called the 'hot bed of Puritanism,' and sent (to America) the Hugh Parsons, the Hills, the Westcotts and some of the Waites."

        Hugh Parsons, by his first wife who died before he left England, had a daughter, Mary, who in 1611 married Richard Westcott who was born in 1588 and was the eldest of the brothers. Some time after reaching the colony of Rhode Island, Parsons married Elizabeth England, widow of William England, and thus became the step-father of Ellen England, wife of Jeremiah Westcott, youngest of the children of Stukely.

        Whether William Westcott married there is no record. With his brother Richard, he left Salem and in 1639 settled at Wethersfield, Connecticut. They removed in 1644 to Fairfield, Connecticut, where Richard died in 1651. His widow married Nathaniel Baldwin. Two sons and two daughters were born to Richard: John, Daniel, Joanna (m-John Weed), Abigail (m-Moses Knapp). The eldest son John, with his son Richard, were among the twenty-two founders, or "proprietors," of Bedford, now in Westchester County, New York. This was in 1680.

        This son Richard, m-Rachel ______, and to them were born: Richard Jr, Daniel, Rachel, Ruth, Rose & Millison.

        The posterity of the last two names sons dwell thruout the States, largely in Gloucester, New Jersey, and the South. Ananias was born to one of the sones [sic] in 1750, m-Hannah _____, and to them were born: Huly W. (b-Bedford, 1798, m-Deborah Wreden, and had ch.: Ezra, William, Eliza & Susan), Stephen (who settled in Stockton, Cayuga County, New York), Smith, Mary, Abigail, Ezra, Susan, Sally, Maria & Ruth.

        Another descendant was Richard Westcott, who was major of 3rd battalion, Gloucester, New Jersey, militia, and was severly wounded at Trenton.