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Revised: July 15, 1999

        According to old colonial records, a Daniel Westcott was in Marblehead, Massachusetts, in 1646, in which year his wife, Maria, was a witness in court. The family later settled in New Hampshire. His son and namesake on February 20, 1690, petitioned with most of the other inhabitants in desiring the protection of the Massachusetts Bay colony over them. During the Revolution, a descendant who had settled in Maine, had a large estate forfeited in Rhode Island. However, another descendant, David Westcott, was born (1719) and died in Wilton, New Hampshire, and was a Patriot of the Revolution. His son, Daniel, responded to the first call for troops and fought at Bunker Hill. Descendants of the Maine branch are said to have been living in Minnesota in 1931. James Westcott of Maine (1823-1910) founded Westcott, Minnesota and had four sons.

More information on the Minnesota Westcotts can be obtained from the Webpage of Bill Wescott.