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Tenth and Eleventh Generations

Joseph Sr.(6), Thomas Jr.(5), Thomas Sr.(4), Jeremiah Jr.(3), Jeremiah Sr.(2), Stukely(1)

Frederic(10), Myron(9), Almon(8), Edwin(7)

Husband:   Frederic Marchant Westcott, Sr. s/o:   Myron Nelson Westcott and Gertrude Marchant
Born:   May 5, 1905 in:   New York City, New York
Died:   September 10, 1959 in:   Albany, Albany Co, New York
Married: (1)   August 1926 in:   Pennsylvania
Wife:   Elizabeth Hack d/o:   
Born:    in:   
Died:   July 22, 1931 in:   Pennsylvania
Married: (2)   July 8, 1933 in:   Pennsylvania
Wife:   Bessie Davies d/o:   
Born:   August 16, 1909 in:   Scranton, Lackawanna Co, Pennsylvania
Died:   February 27, 1987 in:   St. Charles, St. Charles Co, Missouri

 Children of Frederic and Elizabeth Wescott
1 Name:   Frederic (Teddy) Marchant Westcott, Jr. Sex:   Male
  Born:   (Living) in:   Pennsylvania
  Died:    in:   
  Marr:    in:   
  Spouse(s):   Francis
 Children of Frederic and Bessie Wescott
2 Name:    Donald Roger Westcott Sex:   Male
  Born:   (Living) in:   Pennsylvania
  Died:    in:   
  Marr:    in:   
  Spouse(s):   Anita Louise Jones


  1. Follow the RED names for OUR direct line; ending with our sons, Joshua, Jacob & Timothy.

  2. Base information taken from "Descendants of Stukely Westcott" by Roscoe Whitman, Volume 1, 1932 and
       "Appendices to Volume 1, Descendants of Stukely Westcott", by Roscoe Whitman, Volume 2, 1939.

  3. Lines have been updated from contributions made by cousins, census records, marriage records and death records
       for individual states.