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Eleventh and Twelfth Generations

Joseph Sr.(6), Thomas Jr.(5), Thomas Sr.(4), Jeremiah Jr.(3), Jeremiah Sr.(2), Stukely(1)

Donald(11), Frederic(10), Myron(9), Almon(8), Edwin(7)

Donald Roger Wescott   (living)
... + Anita Louise Jones   (living)
.... Daughter of Louis and Helen (Hoskins) Jones
..... Donald and Anita were married February 5, 1954 in Endicott, Broome Co, New York

         Notes for Donald and Anita Wescott

         1.  Donald and Anita became born again Christians in 1980, they both serve and love our Lord Jesus the Christ
                with all their heart.

         2.  Donald and Anita have been happily married for 45 years.
         3.  Donald served in the Air Force during the Korean War.
         4.  Donald is a retired high school history teacher.

Children of Donald and Anita Wescott

12  Rebecca Lynn Wescott   (living)

... +  Robert Eugene Brown   (living)
.... Son of Ralph and Dorothy (Pratt) Brown
..... Rebecca and Robert were married on July 22, 1978 in St. Charles, St. Charles Co, Missouri

...... 13  Joshua Andrew Brown   (living)
...... 13  Jacob Wescott Brown   (living)
...... 13  Timothy Michael Brown   (living)

12  Kimberly Ann Wescott   (living)
...... 13  Rachael Elizabeth Wescott   (living)

12  Valerie Louise Wescott   (living)
...... 13  Austin Donald Wescott   (living)

12  Jennifer Susan Wescott   (living)
... +  Christopher Smith   (living)
..... Jennifer and Christopher were married in 1994 in St. Charles, St. Charles Co, Missouri

...... 13  Adam Donald Smith   (living)